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Relational Therapy through Touch

What is Bloch Healing?

Relational therapy is a long-established and well respected approach to therapy. It is based on the understanding that much of disease, and much of human suffering in general, is caused by some loss of the freedom to be ourselves, in unifying relation with other people and with the world in general - and that these losses can be healed most readily in the context of a safe therapeutic relationship with another person.


Bloch Healing is the application of these principles through touch. It is a powerful method for discovering and strengthening your sense of who you most deeply are (your own thoughts, values and feelings, free from interference) and for perceiving more clearly the connection that exists between you and others. These skills are fundamental requirements for good health, both psychological and physical.


In addition the practical method of Bloch Healing, gentle communication through touch, reanimates a lively connection between body and mind, directly addressing some of the commonest causes of physical discomfort and pain.


Although Bloch Healing is a unique approach, the effectiveness of the theoretical principles and the practical method are well supported by scientific research.


How does Bloch Healing work?

A relational therapist is a person who is able at all times to be

honest, kind and gentle with you, respecting and dignifying you as

the full person that you are. This can be communicated to you in

many ways, and in Bloch Healing it is communicated most

especially by touch.


Through the contact that they make with their hands, the therapist

gently offers you the opportunity to relate more deeply and freely

than you might normally feel able to allow in your everyday life.


When you are ready to accept this offer, then there is a moment of

relatively unimpeded contact between you and the therapist. This

allows you to make a fuller connection with your own nature and to

experience more deeply your connection with another person.


Even just a few moments of this fuller connection has the power to

change your sense of yourself, and of your relationship with

everyone and everything else.


What are the benefits of Bloch Healing?

Bloch Healing helps people to access and to trust in their own values and priorities. Most clients find themselves able to connect more easily to what they really think, feel and want, and able to make fuller connections with other people and with the world in general. They find themselves more able to make choices that improve the quality of their lives and they become more open to change. This can lead to remarkable improvements in health, both mental and physical.  


Psychological benefits

The goal of Bloch Healing is an improvement in your sense of yourself and a greater openness to close relationships with others. These qualities usually lead to a reduction in stress, anxiety and self-doubt, and more self-confidence, clarity of thought and creativity. Clients often report a new sense of peace and strength and a greater enthusiasm for life.


Physical benefits

Bloch Healing addresses those aspects of health affected by how we think, relate and live our lives, as well as how we perceive and balance ourselves physically.


There is considerable and ever-increasing evidence that much of disease in modern western societies is either caused or exacerbated by these potentially modifiable factors. These range from common and relatively minor disorders, such as aches and pains, through to some of the most serious diseases. Bloch Healing clients report both particular and general improvements in their physical health, often remarkable improvements.


What sort of person might benefit from Bloch Healing?

Bloch Healing addresses some of the fundamental causes of human suffering, and because of this it can help a wide range of people. By deepening your sense of your own nature and needs, and by freeing you to relate more fully with others, it can help to provide you with some of the most important tools for living a happy and a healthy life.

Bloch Healing

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"Peter is a gifted healer and every session is better than the last. His hands always go to the right place, and when they go there my troubles melt away. I don't know how he does it. He tried to tell me once but I didn't really understand any of it. Whatever it is it works!"  J. R., Solicitor