Bloch Healing therapy in East Cheshire and Manchester

Relational Therapy through Touch

Peter Bloch, therapist in Cheshire and Manchester

When we are looking for help, we would like to discover what therapy and which therapist will be the most helpful for our individual needs.


Some people find it helpful to read personal accounts of sessions.


Or sometimes a chat with the therapist, an opportunity to discuss your individual needs, can help you to decide, and I welcome telephone calls or emails from prospective clients. You can be confident that I will take care to answer all of your questions to the best of my ability and will never pressure you in any way.

Is Bloch Healing right for me?

As a general guide, Bloch Healing is particularly likely to be helpful to people attracted to the therapeutic possibilities of relating through touch, and where physical or emotional problems may best be helped by a therapy that engenders a deeper sense of self and a stronger sense of connection to others - a fundamental basis of good health.


In addition, Bloch Healing is generally suitable for, and sometimes especially helpful for, children, people of a very sensitive disposition, people who have suffered psychological or physical abuse and for people with disabilities.


Many of my clients have told me that it was only when they met me in person that they were able to decide that they wished to proceed with a first session. If you think that this could be helpful to you, you are most welcome to book a free consultation. This is an opportunity to meet with me, so that we can discuss your needs and so that you can ask any questions that you have. At no stage will you be expected to make a commitment to a first or to any subsequent sessions.


If you do decide to proceed, you may be reassured to know that many people very quickly have a sense of whether I am likely to be able to help them - sometimes within, or in the days following, the first session.