Bloch Healing therapy in East Cheshire and Manchester

Relational Therapy through Touch

"Peter is a gifted healer and every session is better than the last. His hands always go to the right place, and when they go there my troubles melt away.

I don't know how he does it. He tried to tell me once but I didn't really understand any of it. Whatever it is it works!"

J. R., Solicitor


"Sometimes it feels like I am being supported in a complete web of wonderful strength from head to toe. This feeling goes on for days afterwards."

S.C., Teacher


"Sessions just feel right and I feel right afterwards; I have a feeling of well being, of no longer being stuck. I have a feeling of complete trust in Peter especially when he moves me in a strange or new way. When I first came for sessions I used to park the car further away so I could enjoy the feeling of walking on air I had after each session, now I am lazy and just adjust the mirror when I get in, to allow for how much taller I am after each session."

P.W., Company Director


"Whenever Peter uses a little more pressure in his touch he says "is that alright?". It is never alright, it is fabulous!"

R. P., Psychotherapist


"Peter is an excellent teacher and therapist; he is highly intuitive and capable. He is unfailingly kind and enables you to feel completely comfortable. He works really hard with you, clearly giving you his entire attention. It feels beneficial and healing to receive such accepting, non-judgemental attention from someone.

Sometimes there is conversation, humour or just quietness between Peter and myself in sessions but it is always very comfortable. I can feel myself moving with greater ease, fluidity and balance. Even if I have been feeling tired or unwell when I arrived I always come away feeling better, lighter and with more energy.

Since having sessions I experience greater energy, ease in moving and confidence in myself. I feel younger; I am constantly being told how well I look. Rather than feeling I have to conform to other’s expectations, I have become more comfortable being the person I naturally am."

R.S., Teacher


"I have been waiting all my life to be touched in this way. It is like coming home after a long and difficult journey.

I was physically abused as a teenager and Peter's touch in sessions feels like an antidote to the injury, physically and mentally."

R. G., Linguist


"Almost immediately in a session my breathing changes. It becomes much deeper and steadier. I start to feel calmer and clearer, as if everything is in sharper focus. Sessions make me feel more alive and stronger as a person, more powerful, more able to deal with life. I feel more me" 

M. W., Professor of Epidemiology


"I knew as soon as Peter answered the phone that I was going to get the help that I was looking for. His calmness, patience and willing and thorough answering of every question that I had (and I had a lot!) reassured me that I had found an experienced and genuine healer."

J. T., Computer Programmer


"Peter is gifted as a most skilled therapist; with an ease in a therapist-client relationship, giving confidence, assurance and encouragement. Peter gives individual attention and encouragement to my problems – a guiding and enabling.

What I like most about sessions is the smile of welcome and calmness of voice. Peter’s “unhurriedness” and patience and gentleness of touch. The enabling of communication both in silence and verbally – with interesting and helpful information and discussion.

During sessions I experience a great sense of ease and security, I have been given a hope that things will improve. Sessions are a welcome “time out”. Initially I feel a sense of prayerfulness and thankfulness with an opening to my subconscious to allow more natural body response. I feel a freedom to communicate or be in silence, and I am aware of the release of tensions and with physical release from aches and pains (sometimes intense from osteoarthritis). I feel a confidence that all is being realigned as it should.

After sessions I experience a calmness, feeling relaxed and “renewed”. A sense of being re-orientated and more optimistic and more confidence in the possibility of healing taking place. Much greater comfort and a freedom from intense pains. Subsequently feeling cheerful and more at ease with myself and others, a greater ability to cope with health problems in general. Peter's work has enabled me to feel “more alive” and raised my self esteem."    

M. N. B., Dental Surgeon (retired)


"I liked and trusted Peter straight away, but in my first few sessions I felt like nothing had happened. Peter agreed that it was slow going, but said he was optimistic that things would start to move more quickly soon. I wouldn't have continued without some strong persuasion from my wife who had heard about Peter from a friend. But then my colleagues started telling me how well I looked, and I found myself enjoying things again that I hadn't really enjoyed in years.

After a few weeks I suddenly started to feel what was happening in the sessions. Peter was making contact with parts of me that I had forgotten about as I got older, parts I needed to live well. I could actually feel them coming back to life as he worked! It is not an exaggeration to say that I am a changed man. Thank you."

R.S., Senior Executive


"Peter has a unique ability to make a strong connection with his clients. With this connection he is able to guide his clients to become more aware of themselves during daily life. After sessions I have a feeling of calm and happiness and a sense that something has released within me. I feel a better sense of connection with my immediate environment and a lightness and energy to movement. I feel increased energy and increased ability to cope with the stresses and strains of life."

P.S., Medical Researcher

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