Bloch Healing therapy in East Cheshire and Manchester

Relational Therapy through Touch

What is the session format?

Most sessions take place sitting in a chair and/or lying on a therapy couch, as is most comfortable. Everyday clothing is suitable for sessions.


The hands-on contact is gentle and non-intrusive and the atmosphere of sessions is informal and relaxed. There is some simple guided activity in sessions, mostly from sitting to standing. This is an opportunity to carry the clearer sense of yourself that develops during the session into movement.


What happens in our first meeting?

During our first meeting, there is extra time for us to introduce ourselves and an opportunity for you to say why you have come and to ask any questions that you may have. I will review with you what will happen in the session practically. At the end of the session, I will answer any further questions that you may have.


What am I likely to experience during a session?

Clients generally experience sessions as very rewarding. Some of the  most frequently reported experiences during a session are a feeling of relaxation, a sense of peace, a feeling of physical release, ease and lightness, and a sense of being in balance physically and mentally.


What am I likely to experience after a session?

The most common immediate experiences include a sense of physiological and psychological loosening, easing and strengthening, greater physical comfort, an increased vitality, increased mental clarity, and a feeling of calm and of well-being.


How often should I come for sessions?

At the beginning of your course, for the first few weeks, more frequent sessions are usually a distinct advantage, even several each week, if you can. Should this be difficult to manage, less frequent sessions generally work well, especially if you can allow for the time needed to see clear changes. After a few sessions, most clients know for themselves how often they should come for the best results.


How many sessions will I need?

Sometimes just one or two sessions can make a significant difference, although most clients need more sessions to see major changes. Many clients find that their therapeutic goals change as they experience the benefits of therapy.

Bloch Healing Sessions

"Sessions just feel right and I feel right afterwards; I have a feeling of well being, of no longer being stuck. I have a feeling of complete trust in Peter. When I first came for sessions I used to park the car further away so I could enjoy the feeling of walking on air I had after each session, now I am lazy and just adjust the mirror when I get in, to allow for how much taller I am after each session." P.W., Company Director


"Sometimes it feels like I am being supported in a complete web of wonderful strength from head to toe. This feeling goes on for days afterwards."  S.C., Teacher